Can't wait to hear Monica Bay

I for one can't wait to hear Monica Bay talk about sales at the LSSO conference. Monica is a dynamo who is (1) Editor-in-Chief, Law Technology News, (2) Editorial Director, Law Firm, Inc., (3) Editorial Director, Small Firm Business and lead blogger of (4) The Common Scold. She also has a "don't give me no B.S." attitude that I find endearing.

Monica and I share a common crusade to get law and professional firms to name their sales and management staff on their Web site. I've written about this recently and Monica has published scathing report cards on law firms that fail to display their staff professionals. This is not one lady that you want to get ticked off at you.

But if you're lucky enough for Monica to like you, she is a loyal friend and will bend iron bars for you. Monica is very gregarious and organized the first ever blogger lunch at LegalTech New York in February. Get to know her. Come to the LSSO confernece and hear her keynote speech at Raindance 2005.

Keynote Speakers: Raindance 2005

Explore these links to keynote speakers to this year's Raindance Conference:

Monica Bay, editor in chief, Law Technology News, and editorial director for Law Firm, Inc. and Small Firm Business.

Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a consulting and training company based in Los Angeles and New York.

David B. Godes, assistant professor, Harvard Business School, whose research focuses on sales management, word of mouth, and network-based selling.

Leonardo G. Inghillieri , EVP, West Paces Consulting, dedicated to service-oriented organizations.

Jeff Wolf of Wolf Management Consultants, specializing in consulting, coaching and training individuals, teams and organizations for maximumum effectiveness.