The Tag Team for Business Development and Sales

I thought I'd share this article from the March 2005 issue of Professional Marketing magazine. This illustrates the kind of programming that will be at Raindance 2005.

Rene KrausThe Tag Team for Business Development and Sales

The head coach of the relay team selects her team members according to their various strengths and capabilities. While all must be excellent sprinters, the varied skills and inherent individual differences are what the coach must learn to emphasize strategically for a winning team. Some may be better at short distances while others excel as endurance runners. There are individuals who are great starters, and those who are best positioned at the close of the race. There may be team members who perform with little direction or coaching, and yet others who benefit most from a clearly defined and communicated strategy.

Think of these performance variables in the context of your marketing team. Do you recognize each of their unique capabilities and strengths? As a business leader, don’t you also want to capitalize on each ...
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