Raindance Report:
Does Your Law Firm "Measure Up?"

John Martin of Chadwick Martin Bailey says that service firms have to establish metrics to align sales and service strategies with key client initiatives.
In a world of increasing commoditization of service firms, the challenge is to stand out as a superior service provider.

To succeed law firms need to define their brand with a specific distinguishable value. They also must perform client evaluations and establish internal metrics tied to rewards in order to insure that branding promises are delivered.

The proper alignment of a branding promise with actual service experiences will yield clients who are more than satisfied, loyal advocates for their law firm. But misalignment of promises and service experiences will result in brand death!

Good news for firms: studies show that only 30 percent of clients have a primary focus on budget and speed while 42 percent place priority on service that supports the direction of the corporate client. That means opportunity for profit with outstanding service.

Learn more: For more on metrics and service initiatives, see www.ChadwickMartinBailey.com.


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