Raindance Report:
The Intimacy Of Business Relationships

Keith Ferrazzi of Ferrazzi Greenlight, author of "Never Eat Alone" and the soon to be released "The Power of Connection," told a packed ballroom that the best business relationships are personal.

The former CEO of a successful media company and the former CMO of Starwood Hotels asserted that "intimacy is at the core of any great business relationship" as he urged listeners to take more risks and reveal more of themselves to strengthen ties with clients.

"Intimacy reduces the length of the sales cycle and leads to trust," he asserted, adding that the role of legal counsel is conducive to expanding and strengthening relationships because it is inherently a role of trust and privilege.

Ferrazzi explained that an intimate relationship has three simple components: showing up, sharing passions and sharing dreams. "When you reach out to another person, they generally want to help you," he asserted.

He also advised audience members to have a plan to "surround yourself with the individuals necessary to achieve your goals."


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