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Want More Business? Visit Clients On Site

My favorite take away from David Freeman's (business development coach of Whetstone Consulting) presentation, 5 Habits of Successful Business Development, was the phrase "the magic of being on site." We all know the importance of relationships and understanding the client's business — what better way to demonstrate that than visiting your client's business and walking through it? Said Freeman, "you'll walk away with more business."

His "5 habits" are:

1. Differentiation
2. Awareness
3. Meetings
4. Trust
5. Advances

The first two are usually well covered by law firm marketing and branding functions, but it's habits 3, 4 and 5 that start to apply the sales and service approaches to attorney bus. dev. practices. Here's my quick, sound-bite summary of these 3 habits...

Meetings: "Pick up the phone and get a meeting... visit on site... do a lunch-and-learn."

Trust: "Build relationships... become the trusted advisor... know the business, go to an industry conference with a client... join a client's strategic planning session" (off the clock). Act as concierge -- address your client's personal and professional needs. "How can you make your client look good? Find out how they are measured, how you can reduce their workload -- loan a GC a lawyer or a paralegal... help your client get business... help a client get on a board... get a client a better job..."

Advances: "Take an uncertain action and get a definite next step"... turn a nice conversation into a future meeting by asking for the advance.

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