IQ v. EI

I read an illuminating article today, Emotional Intelligence, by Ronda Muir, Esq. EI is something we work with when coaching lawyers and leaders and this article makes a good case as to why lawyers should care about it and how it is a critical component of sales and service success:

"In spite of lawyers' confidence, some might even say arrogance, as to their intellectual competence, for the most part they have a demonstrated unwillingness or inability to tap into emotional data. . . Emotional intelligence does not correlate with IQ. Just because you're smart doesn't mean you're likely to have a high EI. Some professionals, such as lawyers, exhibit high average IQ scores (in the 115-130 range), while at the same time scoring lower than the general population on EI (85-95)."

"For lawyers, the message is clearly that, in order to upgrade their performance, they should use the additional data available from their own and others’ emotions to enhance their cognitive skills."

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