No Nons Sense

Let's start off the New Year right - let's resolve to address the legal industry's pervasive "NONS" SENSE.

Where else is it acceptable to refer to team members as a NON (as in NON LAWYER)? It's a practice that is demoralizing and destructive. It is contrary to everything we are trying to accomplish with our sales and service initiatives.

The climate has never been more competitive. Clients are sophisticated buyers and they expect their lawyers to be stellar technicians. We also understand that they're demanding (rightfully so) that their law firms provide them with excellent service. As a result, there is increasing pressure for the firm as a whole to deliver at every level. As we all know, everything a firm does eventually touches the client.

With that in mind, firms had better get serious about changing their attitudes and actions with respect to the people employed by the firm (translation: "non-partners"). For those who are in other industries or who are new to legal, it's hard to believe: law firm business professionals still aren't yet universally viewed valued members of the team, irrespective of their MBAs, JDs, and other impressive credentials.

Law firm executives and business professionals make all the difference in operations. This is particularly important in the areas of service standards, protocol and delivery, one of the biggest competitive advantages firms have going for them. It's obvious that the ability of the non-administration professional (translation: "lawyers") to function is directly proportional to the acceptance level of the their teammates. The sooner they get this, the better off they, the firm and their clients will be.

Please join my quest to eliminate the word "NON" as it refers to NON LAWYER from the legal industry's lexicon. Stop the NONS SENSE!


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