System v. Players

Of course, put your resources into planning, systems and protocol, those things are critical. But if you don't have the players, you don't have game. The lawyers have to want to compete to win. They have to be better than the competition. That means being better prepared, being in shape to play and able to EXECUTE. Take it from a coach that knows about winning:

It is about having players. That's all it's about. That's who goes out there and plays the game. They're the ones who block, tackle, run, catch, kick ... they're the ones that do it. That's what it's about. Any team that's successful has to have players that go out there and can execute and can play well and be productive. Any success that we've had has been due, more than anything, to the performance of the players on the field under pressure situations against a high level of competition. That's what it's about for any team in this league.

—Bill Belichick, when asked if it was about the system or the players

-Catherine (go PATS!)


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great example. great quote


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