Have a Seat

A small but significant pet peeve: when a receptionist (without smiling) tells me to "have a seat." I was at a firm a couple of weeks back and this is how I was, um, welcomed.

Like I'm back in elementary school and the teacher's in charge. OK, maybe I'm just being too sensitive, but how about "please make yourself comfortable" or something (anything) that isn't an authoritative command. Excuse me, but I don't work for you, you are not my superior and your role is to provide service and make me feel welcome in your office.

Yes, I realize, "have a seat" is part of the lexicon. But it hits me wrong.

With the effort that firms/businesses put into a client service program, the key to a positive client experience could all comes down to something as simple as a smile and a genuine "how may I help you?" or "hello, welcome to the firm - we're expecting you and your host will be with you in a moment."

"Have a seat" just doesn't cut it, folks.

Receptionists, you are the Directors of First Impressions. Please, make your visitors feel warmly welcomed and you will be a very valuable member of the client team.


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