More on Mrs. Lavoy

As promised, here's another thought about all the Mrs. Lavoys out there. Your business, if it's of a certain size, has probably made substantial investments in marketing, branding, training, leadership and management development, customer service standards, implementation, inside consultants, outside consultants, all forms of advertising and the like...

Only to have made a serious error in hiring the wrong kind of "customer service manager" who - singlehandedly and within a 5 minute time period - destroys the majority of good will that you have built with a good customer/client over a ten year period.

Folks at the top pay heed: the staff is the bridge to your market. Better not employ substandard materials in building and maintaining it.

What mechanisms do you have place for your customers/clients to provide feedback on an ongoing basis? It's don't ask don't tell, so you might want to think about asking... one phone call can mean the difference between loyal customer and someone upset enough to keep blogging away as she waits for a response from your company to her complaint...


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